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Goal Setting

About Us

Progressive Membership - Success !
Goals for 2022
  • Launch   Launched 7/1/2015
  • Add and/or update member information to the Chamber business website - Ongoing
  • Add and/or update established commercial website with member information - We are now using to promote our local businesses, a business and information website that has been online in the Antelope Valley since 2005 - Ongoing
  • Educate our members on the benefits of this site and how we can drive business to their business - Ongoing
  • Educate members on the effective use of Social Media to drive business to them
  • Promote CoCGAV Facebook Fan page to 1,500 LIKES - now at 2,380 on 1/1/22
  • Promote Facebook Fan page to 3,000 LIKES - now at 4,279 on 1/1/22
  • Promote DestinationAntelopeValley Facebook Fan page to 500 LIKES - at 1,664 on 1/1/22
  • Launched Antelope Valley Local Business Deals Facebook Group page on April 23, 2020
  • Promote Antelope Valley Local Business Deals Group Page to 15,000 Members - 13,975 on 1/1/22
  • Timeline for these Goals - complete by end of January 1, 2023

By getting involved early you can connect with success at the Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Antelope Valley, your link to influential people, innovative ideas and exclusive opportunities will be available. The Chamber will help members build sustainable businesses and band together to improve the Antelope Valley's business vitality.

Chamber members are as diverse as the Antelope Valley itself: they represent businesses of all sizes and industries, and viewpoints from every position on the political spectrum. Together, we're can shape the Antelope Valley's dynamic business environment and make this area an exceptional place to live and work. We are committed to serving the needs of your business as well as the business community's wide-ranging and varied interests and needs - from networking to building a business to working for positive change for the community.

Your membership in the Chamber gives you and your company an edge through access to opportunities for business growth through networking, professional development and entrée to exclusive tools, cutting edge marketing and bottom-line benefits.

" Promoting Business in the Antelope Valley "

What can we do to help your business?

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CoCGAV Promise

Nothing is more important to us than treating our membership well.

At the end of your yearly membership, if you feel like the Chamber of Commerce has let you down, give us a letter and explain why and we'll return your membership fees – simple as that.


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