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Social Media Information

Social Media Marketing is an important part of every business and we would like to know more about what media's you are presently using. 

By giving us the information on what Social Media markets you use (or don't use) will help us better support your efforts. We will also be able to create links in your Business Listings to help you get more exposure and traffic to your business.  More exposure means more opportunity to gain a customer.  

Do You Have a Personal Facebook Page?
If yes, How are you listed on Facebook?
If we are not friends, can we request to be friends?
Do You Have a Business Fan page on Facebook?
If yes, How is Your Business Listed?
On your Facebook Fan Page, How many 'LIKES' do you have?
How often do you use Facebook?
Do you think Facebook is a useful tool for your business?
Do you have a Twitter Account?
If yes, How are you listed on Twitter?
Do you use Twitter for Personal, Business or Both?
How often do you use Twitter?
Do you think Twitter is a useful tool for your business?
Do you have a YouTube Account?
If yes, How are you listed on YouTube?
Do you have any YouTube Videos for your business?
Can or do you create your own video's?
If you have a YouTube Video for your business, what is the link that we could use for our Business and Information Directory?
How often do you view YouTube or other Videos on the Internet?
Do you think YouTube is a useful tool for your business?
Other Social Media
Do you use any other Social Media's for your business?
If so, tell us which one's:
Is there anything else you think we should know about your Social Media Marketing?
Business Information
Business Name
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